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ASUS Exclusive Innovations


 TurboV     EPU     True 16+2 Phase Power Design     Express Gate

    OC Palm     SAS Onboard     S.H.E     Unique Layout Design

 TurboV EVO     Hybrid Phase - T.Probe     MemOK!     Core Unlocker  

   GPU Boost     True USB 3.0    True SATA 6Gb/s Support



New OC Records with Real-Time Super-precise Tunings



Feel the adrenaline rush of real-time OC - now a reality with the ASUS TurboV. This extreme OC tool lets you set new ambitions on the OC stage with an advanced and easy-to-use interface - allowing you to overclock without exiting or rebooting the OS. With micro adjustments of the CPU PLL, NB, NB-PCIe, and DRAM voltages in 0.02v intervals, there are no limits - only extreme results to break new OC records!




System Level Energy Efficiency



The ASUS EPU, provides total system energy efficiency by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power in real-time. With auto phase switching for components (which includes the CPU, VGA card, memory, chipset, hard drives and fan), the EPU automatically provides the most appropriate power usage via intelligent acceleration and overclocking - helping save power and money.


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True 16+2 Phase Power Design

Unprecedented Innovation with the Best Quality Component for Best Performance


The breakthrough technology of 16+2 phase VRM design is bringing to the ASUS motherboards. 16+2 phase power design (16-phase to vCore; 2-phase to vDRAM/QPI controller inside CPU) can reach high power efficiency, dispel heat generated by VRM module effectively, and lower more temperature compared to other VRM solution. With the high quality power components such as low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss, and 100% Japan-made high quality conductive polymer capacitors, ASUS 16+2 phase VRM design also ensure longer component life, minimum power loss, and help to reach the superior overclocking score ever than before.

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Express Gate

0 to Internet in Seconds!

Express Gate™ is an ASUS exclusive OS that provides you with quick access to the Internet and key applications before entering Windows®.

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OC Palm

Versatile, Real-time OC Hardware Controller!

Imagine overclocking in real-time on a side screen without interrupting ongoing work and games. With the stylish ASUS OC Palm, you can easily perform overclocking functions; and monitor system temperatures and fan speeds with ease. It also supports the Yahoo! Widgets feature for online displays of real-time info like weather, stock prices and web-mail alerts.

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SAS Onboard

Fast and Stable Data Transfers

With SAS onboard, simply plug and use, user can enjoy the fast speed ; reliable data transfer; enhanced the hard-driver performance and extreme flexibility.

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S.H.E. (Super Hybrid Engine)

Twin-Power Performance of Extreme OC and Energy Efficiency

Achieve unprecedented results and multiple OC options with the new ASUS P6T Series motherboard. Combining the latest advanced OC tool, ASUS TurboV and the smart power saving solution, ASUS EPU, you can enjoy optimized "twin-powered" performance with the dual-purpose Super Hybrid Engine technology. With extreme performance and efficient power management, Super Hybrid Engine will provide best overclocking result or maximum energy efficiency to suit any situation.

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Unique Layout Design

Best Layout Design for Extreme OC Record

To achieve extreme overclocking, ASUS has adopted exclusive development into circuit design to further strengthen and stabilize signals on motherboards. This new layout also leverages the repositioning of the CPU-DIMM to reinforce signals and intensify traces between CPU and RAM to assist hardcore overclockers in achieving top rankings.

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TurboV EVO

Ultimate O.C. Processor

Whether novice or enthusiast, TurboV EVO satisfies overclockers of any level. Intelligently push systems to the fastest, stable clock speeds with Auto-Tuning. Turbo Key boosts performance with a simple touch, while TurboV offers additional advanced options for breaking those records!

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Hybrid Phase - T.Probe

Breakthrough Performance Efficiency

Enjoy maximum power efficiency and stability with Xtreme Phase and T.Probe thermal phase balancing.

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Any Memory is A-OK!

MemOK! quickly ensures memory boot compatibility. This remarkable memory rescue tool requires a mere push of a button to patch memory issues. MemOK! determines failsafe settings and dramatically improves your system boot success. Get your system up and running in no time!

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Core Unlocker

Unlock True Core Performance Intelligently

ASUS Core Unlocker simplifies the activation of a latent AMD CPU—with just a press of a button. Enjoy an instant performance boost by simply unlocking the extra cores, without performing complicated BIOS changes.


Select specific active CPU cores via ASUS Core Unlocker

ASUS provides the industry's only "Automatic Core Unleashing" engine to activate functional cores with a single press of a button.


More Cores, More Power!

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GPU Boost

Instant iGPU Level Up

GPU Boost overclocks the integrated GPU in real time for the best graphics performance. User-friendly UI facilitates flexible frequency and voltage adjustments. Its ability to deliver multiple overclocking profiles also provides rapid and stable system-level upgrades.

Get an instant 50% boost in GPU performance

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True USB 3.0

Future Transfer Technology

Unleash True USB 3.0 performance
  • To Share, To Download, To Back Up at 10X faster speed than USB 2.0!
  • 2X more bandwidth, 34% better performance than other USB 3.0 solutions!


Experience ultra-fast data transfers at 4.8Gbps with USB 3.0--the latest connectivity standard. Built to connect easily with next-generation components and peripherals, USB 3.0 transfers data 10X faster and is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 components.


True USB 3.0 delivers more bandwidth and performs 34% better

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True SATA 6Gb/s Support

Next-gen Storage Technology

Supporting next-generation Serial ATA (SATA) storage interface, this motherboard delivers up to 6.0Gbps data transfer rates. Additionally, get enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, double the bandwidth of current bus systems.


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